Bridgend Families Praise Family Group Meeting Team

Apr 21, 2022

The Restorative Approaches Family Group Meeting team have received positive feedback from families in Bridgend for their outstanding support. Here are some of the best quotes from their recent poll:

“Excellent service to use. Our family has benefited with regards to improving communication within our family.  Excellent communication between the FGM coordinator and all family members. Reminders of details of family group meetings sent via text  and opportunity to input via email when not able to physically attend.” – Aunt

“FGM was informative to help the local authority to establish a safety plan for the children.” – Social worker

“Very easy and sufficient. Gave everyone a chance to have their say in a safe space with support at hand. Lots of input from the FGM Coordinator, making sure we understood the process and what was expected at the FGM meeting. Helped the family a lot, and gave us an easy to follow plan and some boundaries. Would definitely recommend to other families.” – Social worker

“When the SW suggested the FGM we weren’t really sure what use it would be, but after 10 minutes together we were in tears and it was really beneficial, almost like a therapy session for us. We put our all into it and we all rang each other after the FGM. It has brought us closer and the communication is better. Bringing everyone together, virtually in a room together has been very beneficial to the family.” – Aunt