Question-time Safe Stars V the Professionals #TGPQT Week 4

Jun 12, 2020

Ceredigion Junior Safeguarding Board, the Safe Stars, are asking questions to a number of the professionals, from a variety of sectors whose role is to safeguard children and young people across Wales. 

The Safe Stars recently met on Zoom with Heather Whalley, Team leader for School Nurses in Ceredigion. Heather and her team play a vital role in ensuring that all children and young people across the county of Ceredigion are kept safe and healthy. 

Heather is the forth professional to take on the #TGPQT Safe Stars Challenge representing the health sector. Thank you very much Heather for taking part ☺ 

You can check out her very interesting answers and then take on the ‘Question-time Lockdown’ Challenge for yourself!

The next professional taking on the Safe Stars challenge will be representative from  education in Ceredigion, we can’t wait to meet them ☺

Ceredigion Junior Safeguarding Board