Jun 3, 2020

As all of our projects are engaging with children, young people and families virtually, Tina, Team Manager for our RAVFS project has come up with some handy hints for virtual engagement, which we though you might find useful.

  • It can be helpful to send resources/materials ahead of a video call session (whether post or electronically) so your participants have something for reference to keep the session guided.
  • Keep boundaries. Of course we’re working from home, but keep your home private as far as possible (for example, think twice about photos in the background and where you are sitting etc., things you might not think twice about if you’re on a call with a work colleague for example).
  • Be kind to yourself and remember that everyone is going through this new way of working at the same time, so try things out and be transparent with those you’re working with. And still remain confident – you got this!!
  • You know the basics of engagement and participation and these still apply, so ok, we’re not in the same room, but we’re in the same ‘virtual space’ so get feedback from the sessions, and figure out together the best way to get the most out of the sessions and how to move forward.
  • Thinking restoratively helps us realise that out of difficult times, new opportunities can (unexpectedly!) develop, so again, keep going, we got this!!
  • Be encouraged, we can only do what we can and while some young people and families might not feel able to engage in this way, others might now feel more able to access our remote interventions more comfortably.
  • And most importantly, remember to get dressed for your video call (in case you stand up and you still have your pj bottoms on….) and remember to completely close the session ….. so there’ll be no risk of seeing embarrassing videos of you appearing on YouTube!