Question-time Safe Stars V the Professionals #TGPQT Week 2

Jun 1, 2020

Ceredigion Junior Safeguarding Board, the Safe Stars, are asking questions to a number of the professionals whose role is to safeguard children and young people across Wales. 

This week the Safe Stars met up on Zoom with Sian Howys, Children and Families Lead Officer for Ceredigion County Council. Sian’s role is to ensure that all Children and Young People across Ceredigion are being safeguarded. 

Sian is the 2nd professional to take on the ‘Question- time Challenge’ who we think did very well. Take a look at Sian’s answers and then why not take on the #TGPQT challenge yourself!

Watch this space for the next professional taking on the Safe Stars challenge ☺

Ceredigion Junior Safeguarding Board