Question-time Safe Stars V the Professionals #TGPQT Week 6

Jun 26, 2020

Ceredigion Junior Safeguarding Board, the Safe Stars, continue to ask questions to a number of the professionals from a variety of sectors whose role is to safeguard children and young people across Wales. 

This week the Safe Stars met up on Zoom with Guy Evans, Executive Director for Ceredigion Care Society. The Care Society provide an invaluable service for vulnerable people across Mid Wales, this includes a number of schemes for young people, supporting them with housing, homelessness and other issues. We would like to say a big thank you to Guy and the Ceredigion Care Society team for helping keep young people safe across the county. Also thanks Guy for taking on the ‘Question-time’ Lockdown Challenge ☺

Guy is the sixth professional to take on the #TGPQT Safe Stars Challenge and represents the housing sector. The Safe Stars thought Guy’s answers were great and we hope you enjoy them too ☺ Why not take a look at his ‘Question-time Lockdown’ Challenge and have a go for yourself, it’s really quite fun!

Keep watching this space for the next professional to take on the challenge ☺

Ceredigion Junior Safeguarding Board