Question-time Safe Stars V the Professionals #TGPQT Week 8

Jul 16, 2020

Ceredigion Junior Safeguarding Board, the Safe Stars, are asking questions to a number of the professionals whose role is to safeguard children and young people across Wales. 

Week 8 and the Safe Stars met with Billy Goodfellow for the next ‘Question-time challenge’. Billy is the Family Support Manager for Tim Teulu in Ceredigion and her role is to manage a team that support children, young people and their families who may be experiencing difficulties.  The work that Tim Teulu do is preventative and is vital in safeguarding children and young people across the county of Ceredigion. Thank you Billy and team for all the great work you do and thanks Billy for joining the Safe Stars for the #TGPQT challenge this week ☺

Take a look at Billy’s answers after the Safe Stars asked her the ten ‘Lockdown’ questions! We had some very interesting answers and lots of fun doing it! Why not take on the #TGPQT challenge yourself. ☺ 

Ceredigion Junior Safeguarding Board